How to make sure you’re not billed for Apple Music’s free trial

Signing up for Apple Music – Apple's brand new streaming service – nets you a surprisingly generous three month free trial. While three months of free music may sound tempting, the long trial period could make it a little too easy to forget the service isn't actually free.

If you're still on the fence about Apple Music and want to make sure you're not charged for a service you're not going to keep using, you can take a few easy steps to disabled automatic billing.

On iPhone or iPad, you'll need to up open up the Music app and tap the pink head in the top left hand corner. Select "View Apple ID", pop in your password and scroll down to "Subscriptions". Tap the "Manage" button and set the "Automatic Renewal" switch to off.

If you're using iTunes on Windows or OS X, the process is very similar. Open up iTunes, and click your name in the top right hand corner (to the left of the search bar). Select "Account Information", enter your password, and scroll down to "Settings". Next to "Subscriptions" you'll see an option called "Manage". Click this and toggle "Automatic Renewal" to "Off".

After you've disabled automatic billing, you'll be able to keep using your free trial until September 30 (assuming you signed up on day one).

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