How to get karaoke going on your Life! MP4 Player!

Karaoke isn’t what most portable media players have been designed for but the Life! LXP1 can. With this easy guide, you’ll be singing in no time!

Karaoke isn’t what most portable media players have been designed for but the Life! LXP1 is actually feature-packed and loaded with that function right there. All it takes is a few easy steps and you’ll be singing along to your tunes line by line.

It all starts with grabbing a program from the web. There are a few to choose from but we found that probably the easiest to use is MiniLyrics.

What MiniLyrics will do is very simple: it will scan the vast Internet for a lyric file that corresponds to your song. It’s important to note that these lyric files (*.lrc) aren’t just text files but rather also contain the information for when to change words at the various time intervals. It’s not just an easy matter of copying a text file over to your media player.

Head to Crintsoft and download the program. You’re probably going to have either Windows Media Player or Winamp on your system already so after installing it, open up the mp3 file that you want to download the lyrics for.

MiniLyrics should load up immediately displaying lyrics or – if it can’t find any – a search box allowing you to try different combinations of the name & artist to find said lyrics.

What we’re going to do now is hit the Preferences to make it easy for you to get your lyrics every time. You’ll only need to do this once so right click on the MiniLyrics menu and hit “Preferences”.

Inside the Preferences window, you’re going to want to look for an option called “Lyrics Download” which will open up a bunch of settings including the following option “Save lyrics in the song’s directory”. Select that one and hit close.

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Now every time you run an mp3 through your player, MiniLyrics will automatically download the lyric into the same directory as your song. Now all that’s needed is for you to move that file in the same directory as where you stuck your music. Because the mp3 & and the lyric file are named the same, the LXP1 / LXP2 will find it immediately and display it line by line for you to read as it happens!