HL2 mod- Coastline to Atmosphere

A brand new single-player mod for HL2 called Coastline to Atmosphere has been released and we featured it as the Cyber Shack, Download of Week, for Ep 347.

As quoted from the official site, It’s actually 15 Single Player maps with a story that links them together. Leon Stephan Brinkmann took about 1 year to create this and features some new models, such as a Keycard model, Tree models, a new shiny metal texture. Plus some new sounds from the games Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Soldier of Fortune 2, Max Payne 2, Cold Winter and a whole lot of ambient sounds.

This mod follows on from where the HL2 story finishes. The storyline is listed as-

After the big explosion you fall to the ground and are very badly injured. Some people find you and take you home to a small village outside the city where the citadel was built. After 3 months you’re strong again and want to fight on.

If you’d like to check the Coastline to Atmosphere mod out more in-depth, download it from the following link- Coastline to Atmosphere mod for HL2 (PlanetMirror link).