Hi-tech sports clothing

University of Sydney honours student, Mitchell Page, has used cutting-edge wearable technology to make basketball uniforms – for example, updating and displaying in real-time a player’s fouls, score, and even the amount of time left in a game.

Mr Page, a bachelor of design computing undergraduate, came up with the idea while playing computer sports games, which use graphics and icons to tie statistics to the virtual players and track their performance. He wondered how such on-screen graphics in sports telecasts could be made available to players and spectators at the ground.

He has built four prototype jerseys that he says helped players keep track of games and perform better, and increased spectators’ enjoyment and engagement.

He predicts that such technology could transform the way sports are played on the field, and even use the players as billboards for video advertising at half-time.

Players strap on a small computer the size of two decks of cards, which wirelessly connects to a courtside computer that updates the game statistics in real time. Electricity-carrying cotton thread weaves through the shirt from the computer to flexible panels in the jersey.

Source: SMH

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