Healthy Food App For Grocery Shopping

  • Offers immediate advice on food
  • Only available for iPhone
  • Available for 20,000 packaged foods

FoodSwitch is a free app developed in Australia that will allow shoppers to scan the barcode of packaged foods using their iPhone camera and immediately receive easy-to-understand nutritional advice using traffic light labelling criteria. The app is backed by a database of over 20,000 packaged foods that are stocked in Australian supermarkets.

FoodSwitch will also suggest healthier food choices in the same food category and allow people to share shopping lists with friends via social media.

FoodSwitch users can scan a product and see if there are other healthier products they should choose to reduce their salt, fat and/or sugar intake, improving their health and that of their families.

The app and database of food products were developed by food and health policy experts at the George Institute for Global Health in conjunction with Bupa.