Headphones For Small Ears

Not a company to do things by halves, Sennheisser has released 22 new sets of headphones at CES 2010.

Altogether Sennheiser released 22 new models of earphones CES 2010, which are designed specifically for use with portable players.

The earphones come in three different styles: the MX 980 is a classic earphone and promises a secure fit. The ear-canal phone CX 980 can be adjusted to fit by using different size ear adapters. Individually adjustable ear clips mean that the OMX980 not only fits firmly but is also very comfortable to wear, claims Sennheisser.

A small, metal clip which can be attached to clothing takes care of the cable, offering practicality while you listen to your music. There is a carrying pouch for coiling the cable so that it does not get tangled up when you put it away.

The MX 270, MX 370, MX 470 and the MX 580 units promise a full stereo sound with a powerful bass thanks to its neodymium magnets.

Flexible ear clips mean the OMX 180 can be individually adjusted and the MXL 570 comes with a practical lanyard cord to go around your neck, allowing you to take your headphones out of your ears at any time without any risk of losing them. Your player can also be attached to the lanyard.

These headphones are also particularly colourful: four of the models – the CX 271, CX 281,
MX 471, MX 581 and OMX 181 – come in dark red and black colours.

These headphones, as well as the MX 271 and MX 371, are also specially designed for people with smaller ears.

Almost all the models come with a carrying pouch which is large enough to store an MP3-Player as well as your headphones and accessories.