HD Cinema With BenQ Projectors

BenQ promises its latest in HD projectors will change your home theatre cinematic experience.

Engineered with Texas Instruments’ DLP technology, BenQ’s latest units in the projector space these front-projection one-chip models deliver HD cinema via advanced BrilliantColor processing, high brightness, and high contrast ratios.

High-end specifications – ranging from Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processing, advanced lamp technologies, and customisable colour preference to dual HDMI, super long lamp life, and Panamorph compatibility – are incorporated into each model.

The W6000 offers full 1080p HD video at 24 frames per second – the same format used for professional movie filming and editing, as well as in Blu-ray DVD players.

Lower-resolution video sources, such as 480i, whether analogue or digital, are automatically converted to produce full HD-like image quality.

It delivers a 50,000:1 contrast ratio for rendered image definition, even in dark scenes, and a 2,500AL to counter any ambient room lighting.

The W1000 is equipped with solid performance essentials. Like the W6000, it has a six-segment advanced colour wheel and BrilliantColor processing for rich, true-to-source tones.

A contrast ratio of 2,700:1 harnesses the 1,800AL for deep, rich image quality, even with ambient room lighting. Top access lamp door and dual HDMI inputs afford easy installation and hookup. A generous 4,000-hour eco lamp life is icing on consumer budgets.

W6000 $4,599
W1000 $1,999