Harman Kardon Hits Blu-ray Market

Harman Kardon has entered the Blu-ray market, but it is missing an important piece of information.

Harman Kardon has got in on the Blu-ray sector with the release of its BDP10, which will come with BD Live capabilities allowing consumers to get content for some Blu-ray movies via the Internet.

Its price tag is set to be pretty hefty but if you want a player that will fit in with your other Harman Kardon gear, then you will probably want to add this to your shopping list.

There are no multichannel analogue outputs, which will be annoying to some, however there are two-channel analogue outputs, two digital outputs and an HDMI output.

There is a front-panel USB port for flash and external hard drives,, obviously it has to have an Ethernet port for BD-Live, and video playback includes 1080/24 fps, and standard DVDs are upscaled to 1080p. You can also play MP3 and WMA (v8 and v9) compressed audio files.