Hands on: Windows 10 Technical Preview – A work in progress

I’ve been using the Windows 10 Technical Preview for about a day now and from the get go, you can tell it’s a work in progress. That’s not surprising, because technically, that’s what a technical preview is.

Some icons have been updated for Microsoft’s new flatter look, whereas others are currently unchanged from Windows 8.1. Assuming Microsoft continue with this trend, which I assume they will, Windows 10 should be a much cohesive and consistent experience than Windows 8.1 – at least aesthetically.

In addition, a number of rumoured features such as Cortana and a Notification Centre have yet to be officially announced, and as such, are not present in this build. During the Windows 10 announcement, Microsoft stated that many more features will be announced early next year, meaning the Windows 10 Technical Preview really isn’t that big a leap from Windows 8.1.

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