GTA- coming to a toy store near you…

Rockstar Games’s franchise, Grand Theft Auto, has been played to death by gamers for some time now and they’re always hungry for the next installment in the popular series. As each version is released, the appeal to gamers just gains momentum and it seems the GTA journey has yet to be complete with reported sequels in the works.

As a result of the GTA success, Rockstar Games and Medicom Toy Company have joined forces to create a limited edition range of collectibles based on Grand Theft Auto- Vice City. Now you can re-enact your own chase scene, in real life!

The details from the official site are as follows-

Rockstar Games is proud to announce a partnership with Medicom Toy Company to produce a limited edition Kubrick line based on the award-winning Grand Theft Auto games.

The Grand Theft Auto Kubrick line has been in development for two years, with each figure lavished with the legendary attention to detail that both Rockstar Games and Medicom Toy Corporation are known for.

Following in the success of the Grand Theft Auto III Kubrick (released late 2005), we are proud to announce the release of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Kubricks.

Taking us all back to that decadent era of excess, the 1980’s, the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Kubricks will feature:

  • Tommy Vercetti
  • Lance Vance
  • Crime lord Ricardo Diaz
  • Adult film star Candi Suxx
  • Ken Rosenberg, scruples-free attorney

Available Fall 2006, the box set is limited to 3000 pieces worldwide, and will be sold exclusively through Toy Tokyo and Rockstar Games.

Source: Joystiq

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