Gravity Rush Makes Most Of PS Vita’s Gyro Sensor

  • Full motion control
  • Graphic novel-type story telling
  • Control the forces of gravity

Gravity Rush is a new game for the PlayStation Vita thatfollows the story of a young girl, Kat, as she attempts to thrive in a world that's crumbling around her.

Struggling to regain her lost memories in a world unravelling before her eyes, a chance encounter with a mysterious black cat gives her the power to control gravity. A gravity storm is coming and as the world changes around her, Kat must harness these new found powers to go up against an unknown evil and take care of the fate of her people which has now fallen into her hands. Throughout her journey, Kat travels through vibrant environments and discovers just how powerful she can be.

Gravity Rushis a free-roaming action adventure that lets gamers harness a host of powers. Leap between buildings and fly through the shadows as Kat learns how to control the forces of gravity and perform spectacular acrobatic feats. 

Key features include:

  • Move the world around you – manipulate gravity to help you move around each open world, shifting your perspective and the action to complete dozens of missions spanning several worlds.
  • Full motion control – use the PlayStation Vita gyro sensor to control gravity.  Use the touchscreen to quickly react to shifting surroundings and dodge enemy attacks.
  • Graphic novel storytelling – graphics brought to life through OLED technology, delivering crisp and vivid colours.
  • Expansive open world – using the Gravity Change mechanic, freely explore the vibrant environments.

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