Government set to filter the Internet

It’s all going China-style with the Australian government set to filter the web.

The Australian Governments ISP based internet filter may soon be up and running after a trial that would block all Australians from content deemed inappropriate for children.

Interestingly, the $125.8 million plan to protect children from the “dangers of the Internet” (a quote I’d never use) involves two blacklists which filter the internet. The first blocks content selected by the government as being unsuitable for children while the second will allow people to see things that children can’t see but not things seen as illegal.

Which is always good, you know, because Big Brother’s watchful eye should be paying attention to what it sees as “illegal”.

I’m kidding, in case the sarcasm didn’t stretch across the screen.

What’s so disturbing about the Internet being filtered isn’t that the web will be crippled to sludge speeds – and that’s pretty bad just when we’re finally getting some decent speeds – but that we’ll be getting a firewall that stops regular people from enjoying the Internet because the government believes this will protect children, families, etc.

Because “parenting” obviously doesn’t play into it.

Worse is that while you can opt out from the kiddie-proof Blacklist, you cannot opt out from all of them altogether with access to illegal material being blocked permanently.

Big Brother state… here we come!

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