Gorilla Key To Free Power

The solargorilla is ideally suited for Aussie conditions

If you’re even in the outback, or just doing THE big trip around Australia in your Caravan, then the solargorilla could well be the answer to keeping all your mobile devices powered up – and once you have paid for it, the power is free.

The solargorilla gives you power anywhere under the sun. Its 24 volt and 5 volt USB socket make it the ultimate renewable power station for your laptop, netbook, mobile phone, iPod, handheld games consoles and many more devices.

The units works via two PV (photovoltaic) solar panels, which generate electric current when they are exposed to light. The green LED on the solargorilla indicates the strength of charge – the more UV intensity – the better it will work.  The solar panels are housed in a tough outer casing.

solargorilla is compatible with most laptops, mobile phones, iPods, PDAs, handhelds games consoles and Sat Navs.  You can even use the solargorilla to recharge the fabulous powergorilla – simply attach it using the 2m extension cable and the L52D tip. A total portable power station!