Digital Radio With iPod Port

Yamaha has released a all-in-one digital radio that also connects mobile music devices

The Yamaha TSX-130 digital radio comes with an iPod docking station so it can double as a radio and portable stereo-type device.

Dock an iPod into the top of the unit and listen to music through the speakers. Users can operate the iPod from the remote unit, and the iPod is charged when in use/standby mode.
Designed so users can listen to DAB (digital audio broadcasts) as well as FM radio, the unit has a USB port so you can plug in other USB compatible portable devices that play music.
It has an Auto Preset function automatically presets 30 FM and 30 DAB+ stations. The TSX-130 will play both MP3 and WMA tracks. Consumers can listen to regular CDs and also recordable CDs with MP3 or WMA tracks.

Its 15W x 2 amplifier is powerful enough to produce strong sound energy from the independent left and right 8cm speakers. The design includes two bass reflex ports on the back that enhance bass sound dispersion.

The front panel clock has a dual alarm with wake up, sleep and snooze functions. Users can set the alarm for music (even a specific song) or a beep sound. There is also a new alarm mode whereby music fades in and then a beep to ensure that you’re awake.