Gmail hack you can fix

Gmail users beware, a new tool is out that will enables hackers to steal your login details.

Gmail users beware, a new tool is out that will enable hackers to steal the IDs and logins of Google Mail users that aren’t using the Secure Sockets Layer now available to users of the loved online mail application.

Presented recently at the Defcon hackers’ conference in Las Vegas, Mike Perry’s tool (not to be confused with CyberShack’s Mike Kerry) allows hackers to take control of your account by forcing your browser to send a cookie to them enabling them to intercept your login from the session ID.

Preventing this is merely just a matter of changing your preference on the new security setting recently added to Gmail – and with the discovery of this new hack Gmail users have a new reason to make their account secure.

So to help with that, CyberShack has provided a guide to aid you in enabling the settings in your gmail account.
It’s pretty easy and only requires that you hit the settings menu but we’ve been so nice that we’re even giving you a picture.

To fix this issue, log into your Gmail account and along the top right-hand side, click the link marked “Settings”. After the settings page has loaded up, don’t click anything else and scroll down until you see “Browser connection” as seen below. What you want to do is select “Always use https” and then hit “Save changes” directly below that.

You’re done and all secure. You should now see a padlock in the bottom right corner of your browser when you use Gmail and you won’t have to worry about some user stealing your account (at least not for this reason).

Written by Leigh D. Stark