GDC 07: Mario Galaxy and new Mii channel confirmed

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Super Mario Galaxy will be available before the end of 2007 and announced a new channel that would allow people to compare their Miis in a popularity contest.

At the end of a largely announcement-free speech at GDC 07, Miyamoto showed a new trailer for the game and told the audience in San Francisco that they would be playing the game later this year.

In contrast to Sony’s keynote yesterday, however, Nintendo did not reveal any details of new games or services in its presentation – with the exception of a casual mention of a forthcoming overhaul of the Mii avatar system on the Wii, which will see new functionality for comparing avatars and entering contests being added.

Plus, Miyamoto described the new Mii channel he has been working on, aiming to bring more social interactivity to the Wii console.

Today people are so taken with the Miis around the world. Im working on a new Mii channel. With this channel we are going to let people compare the Miis they created in a popularity contest.”

“And you will be allowed to do this with people from around the world.

Source: Mario Galaxy confirmed for 07, New Mii channel announced

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