Garmin’s latest fitness tracker is an analogue watch

Garmin overnight unveiled the Vivomove, a new fitness tracker modelled after an analogue wristwatch, complete with mechanical hands for telling the time.

The Vivomove may look and feel like a traditional watch, but two tiny displays embedded in its face reveal its techy bent. On the left, users will find a step counter that fills up through the day, and on the right, a red gauge that rises when the wearer has been stationary for too long.

In addition to counting steps, the Vivomove tracks sleep.

The Vivomove is powered by a replaceable CR2025 coin cell battery. Garmin says this will last up to one year.

While the Vivomove is a clever watch with a couple of cool tricks, it's not a smartwatch. There's no notification functionality, no vibration motor, and no silent alarms.

The Vivomove will be available later this month, with a "sport" version starting at AUD$249, and a stainless steel and leather option priced at AUD$479. 

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