Garmin Trackers For Fitness Freaks

Garmin has released two new GPS devices for those who like to keep on track when working out.

Garmin has introduced two new products to its GPS-enabled fitness line – the Forerunner 405CX and the Forerunner 310XT:

Forerunner 405CX

The Forerunner 405CX provides increased accuracy in heart rate-based calorie computation and improved comfort to the Forerunner 405 model. It monitors the micro changes in a user’s heart rate and uses that detailed information to better calculate the number of calories burned during aerobic activity.

Whether out running, cycling, in a step class at the gym or out hiking, Forerunner 405CX users will get instant results. There is a choice of two additional form-fitting bands to accommodate large and small wrists.

This unit also has a patent-pending touch bezel on the face of the watch which is claimed makes navigating the options easier. By tapping, holding or running a finger along the bezel, runners can begin a new workout or access their training history.

It is water-resistant (IPX7) and can be used outdoors or indoors. The high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix acquires and sustains satellite reception, whether you’re tackling an outdoor track or jogging through the urban canyons of skyscrapers.

Once the workout is done, the training is far from over. Using ANT+ technology, the Forerunner 405CX sends workout data to the user’s PC or Mac via automatic wireless data transfer.



Forerunner 310XT

The Forerunner 310XT blends the best wireless connectivity of all of its predecessors in the Garmin fitness family, syncing wirelessly through ANT+ technology with Garmin heart rate monitors and foot pods, compatible third-party fitness equipment and power meters, and the user’s PC or Mac for automatic data download.

Waterproof up to 50 metres, its slim design, simple interface and flexible wristband mean Forerunner is easy to wear in any conditions, claims the manufacturer. When you’re ready to jump out of the water and onto the bike, the unit moves easily from wrist to bike with the optional quick release and bike mounts, making the transition between sports effortless, claims Garmin.

Positioned around the large, vivid display, intuitive buttons provide a simple interface. And even in the loudest gym or largest crowd, users won’t miss their milestones as Forerunner 310XT’s audible signals and/or vibration alerts tell them when they’ve reached integral parts of their race or workout.

Garmin is also announcing a new waterproof, soft-strap heart rate monitor that is streamlined and comfortable, yet rugged enough to withstand swimming. Though heart rate data does not transmit while underwater, this new waterproof strap means that triathletes can plan ahead by wearing the strap under a wetsuit.

This unit can be used outdoors or indoors, making it a year-round, all-weather training tool. Like the 405CX it utilises a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix that quickly acquires and sustains satellite reception.

Once the workout is done, the training is far from over. Using ANT+ technology, the Forerunner 310XT sends workout data to the user’s PC or Mac via automatic wireless data transfer. There’s no need to take off the watch or bother with cables as the computer automatically syncs with the Forerunner 310XT once it’s in close proximity.

The wireless features of Forerunner 310XT are enabled by ANT+ personal area network technology.  ANT+ is a leading wireless interface protocol enabling ultra low power applications like fitness monitors.  ANT+ offers all the benefits of digital wireless communications with much lower power consumption than other wireless protocols.



$449 (with heart rate monitor)