Garmin Set You On The Right Track

Garmin’s new range of GPS devices have got smaller, but still pack a lot of info

Following on from TomTom’s IQ range having advanced lane guidance, now Garmin has got in on the action with its latest Nuvi range of GPS devices.

“The nüvi 1200 and nüvi 1300 series [comes with] Real View Advanced Lane Guidance, where you can actually view upcoming intersections in real view that also shows buildings and trees,  you should never get lost again, whether home or away,” said Matt DeMoss, Sales and Marketing Manager for Garmin Australasia.

At 15.5mm, the ultra-thin family of navigators is 25 percent slimmer than Garmin’s previous range and includes the Nüvi 1250, Nüvi 1260, Nüvi 1350, Nüvi 1390, and Nüvi 1390T.

Partnering with Garmin to provide maps in the latest devices is Australia’s leading digital navigation company, Whereis.

Garmin nüvi 1350, 1390 and 1390T all feature Lane Assist, which highlights the lane that drivers should be in using a series of arrows which represent lanes in the top left corner of the screen.

In addition, the Nüvi 1390 and 1390T include Garmin’s Real View Advanced Lane Guidance. Powered by Whereis, this guidance can be which lane, side of road, slip way or branch the driver should steer down to follow the specified route. These units also include text-to-speech capability that enables the annunciation of names and upcoming roads, all of which will help you limit any errors or false turns when driving in unfamiliar locations.

All Garmin nüvi in-car GPS products utilise Whereis mapping and a range of features to assist in navigation. With dual mapping of both Australia and New Zealand, Whereis mapping provides over 600,000 Points of Interest within Australia in 85 categories, and over 110,000 Points of Interest within New Zealand in 75 categories, including petrol stations, dining, parking, shopping, banks, hotels, hospitals, cinemas, café/pubs and much more.

To help road trippers conserve fuel, these devices come standard with Garmin’s ecoRoute, which will suggest the most fuel-efficient route for your journey.

To ensure you arrive at your destination safe and sound, all models in the 1000 series come preloaded with red light and speed cameras for Australia.  Alongside this feature, Garmin also provides an ‘overspeed alert’. Speed limits are now provided for most major metropolitan areas, most major road networks and interconnecting roads across.

For hands free calling, the nüvi 1260, 1390 and 1390T all integrate Bluetooth wireless technology with a built in microphone and speaker.

Nüvi 1250 $299
Nüvi 1260 $349
Nüvi 1350 $399
Nüvi 1390 $449
Nüvi 1390T $549