Garmin Nuvi With Large Screen

Garmin have gone for a big screen with is latest offering in the the SatNav space

Garmin is adding a five-inch screen to its nüvi range w designed for greater clarity and easier in-car viewing. The new additions to the range which are available instore now include the nüvi 1450T and nüvi 1490T.

The two new models incorporate all the features of the existing nüvi range, including Garmin’s Real View Advanced Lane Guidance that accurately depicts the surrounding environment with a true to life representation of the scene that drivers would see when approaching an intersection. Powered by Whereis, this guidance shows drivers which lane, side of road, slip way or branch the driver should steer down to follow the specified route to their destination. This feature works in tandem with Lane Assist, meaning drivers have even greater assistance with additional arrows at the top left of the screen guiding their way.

Additional features available as part of the new models in the nüvi range include lifetime traffic with no ongoing subscription costs, text to speech capability and over speed alert for most major roads in Australia. This feature gives drivers an intuitive indication of when they are exceeding the speed limit, helping to keep them safe on the road. Also included is the option to download the recently announced VoiceStudio application allowing owners to record their own voice and create custom pre-recorded navigation prompts for their Garmin device.

The nüvi 1450T and 1490T have both Australia and New Zealand comprehensively covered with dual mapping for both countries and over 600,000 points of interest in Australia and over 110,000 in New Zealand.

The nüvi 1490T also incorporates Bluetooth for hands-free calling and Points of Interest dialing, giving drivers more freedom to focus on the road and minimise hazardous distractions.

1450T $349
1490T $399