Garmin nüvi 2000 With Photoreal Technology

  • Multi-stop route planning
  • Includes Traffictrends technology
  • MyTrends feature remembers frequent destinations

GPS specialist Garmin has announced a new range of nüvi personal navigation devices that feature multi-stop route planning, route previews and nüRoute technology

Selected devices within the series also introduce Garmin’s new photoReal junction views and trafficTrends technologies.

Garmin’s engineers developed photoReal junction views for selected models across the nüvi 2000 series. This feature provide a realistic picture of the scene ahead, indicating the correct lane, slip road or branch, and makes navigating through complicated junctions and intersections easy, claims the company. In addition, all nüvi 2000 models feature lane assist, which uses arrows to guides you to the correct lane for an approaching turn or exit.

For people heading across town or across the country, the 4.3-inch nüvi 2360LT and 5-inch 2460LT lets users preview multiple routes. Wherever their appointments take them, owners of these models can go hands-free with Bluetooth wireless technology and compatible phones and experience efficient routing and realistic arrival times with nüRoute technology. This technology features trafficTrends, which recommends routes using historical data and recurring trends that Garmin has collected about traffic in your area at any given time of day.

Another feature of nüRoute technology is myTrends which automatically remembers your frequent destinations without you needing to activate a route. Both models also feature free lifetime traffic alerts and these devices also let users experience voice-controlled navigation with voice recognition using a customisable “wake-up” command to activate speech recognition mode.

The nüvi 2360LT has a dual orientation display which is ideal for use while driving or walking, as it lets users see their preloaded maps and intuitive menus in landscape or portrait modes.
For those focused on multi-tasking and making the most of every minute and dollar, the nüvi 2250 with a 3.5-inch touch screen interface or the nüvi 2350 with a 4.3-inch widescreen interface will suit their needs. nüvi 2350 features  photoReal junction view and both myTrends and trafficTrends, nüvi 2250 features myTrends.

The nüvi 2000 series is preloaded with Whereis® maps of Australia and New Zealand. These models feature over 600,000 preloaded points of interest in Australia and over 110,000 in New Zealand. All models also feature turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names, ecoRoute for fuel efficient navigation and a speed limit indicator that displays speed limits for most major roads and actively alerts drivers when they are exceeding the limit.

Taken from previous nüvi models, the nüvi 2000 series accepts optional cityXplorer maps to help visitors when exploring an unfamiliar city. These detailed maps for selected major cities provide the latest detailed roads and points of interest for the metropolitan area, plus enhanced pedestrian navigation — street directions that let you use public transportation to get where you need to go.