Games Publisher Uses Facebook to Push Launch

  • Become a member of the Undead Hall of Fame
  • Win a prize
  • Zombify your profile

Zombies are always a popular fare when it comes to gaming and movies, so it no surprise that one company is taking advantage of Facebook to promote buzz around new action zombie video game Dead Island

From publisher Deep Silver, the game is being released in early September and a series of bespoke apps have been commissioned by the company to engage their over 200,000 strong community with fans being offered the opportunity to be a zombie star.

Dead Islandfans will have the chance to jump straight into the game’s narrative as a fully-fledged undead by uploading photos of themselves wearing holiday beachwear and zombie mask. The ‘Become a Zombie’ app then enters them into an undead hall of fame. The fan with the most votes will win a Dead Island themed prize.

Future apps include ‘Zombify Your Profile’ where Dead Island fans can choose to have their Facebook profile taken over by game themes based around new content for the game and ‘The Dead Good’ app grabs fans attention by giving them the chance to win a selection of branded and rare prizes by correctly answering a themed set of questions, with Deep Silver running the competition across five different territories.

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