Game Review: Skyhill – 4.5 star game, 1 star hotel

If there’s one style of game I’m a fan of, it’s post-apocalyptic, turn-based role playing games. Lucky for Skyhill, it checks all of those boxes.

Skyhill puts you in the shoes of Perry, a penthouse suite occupant turned zombie apocalypse survivor. One hundred hotel floors lay between him and the exit, but the hotel isn’t as empty as it seems; a bioweapon attack has turned seemingly innocent humans into bloodthirsty mutants ready to tear apart whatever’s in front of them.

They might be homicidal, but they certainly are patient. Combat in Skyhill is turn based; you hit them, they hit back. A targeting button provides you with the risk/reward of going for a certain body part to deal more damage, but with a lower chance to hit. You can switch between weapons during combat, however I found it was usually best to just stick with the highest damaging one I had. 

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