Game Review: Guitar Hero Live – Like a lukewarm phoenix

Guitar Hero spearheaded the somewhat polarising rise of rhythm games. Discussions of it were often accompanied by derisive cries of "just buy a real guitar!". Despite a long lived infatuation with a genre that is responsible for much of my musical taste, I listened to those calls and got myself a real guitar. 

After that, Guitar Hero's charm faded a little. I still play Rock Band 3 for its Pro Drum mode and plug my actual axe into Rocksmith, but my collection of plastic guitars was relegated to the garage, where they were left to gather dust.

Almost five years after the rhythm game genre unceremoniously burnt out from oversaturation, Guitar Hero and Rock Band have both seen a revival. While Rock Band 4 returns players to the five coloured buttons of yore, Guitar Hero Live introduces an all new guitar controller that's a little more like a real guitar.

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