Game Review: Doom (2016) – Hell Yes

Multiplayer is the low point of the game – it feels quite derivative of other multiplayer shooters. Upon completing matches, you’ll gain experience and unlock some extra equipment; it’s a system that should feel familiar to anyone playing multiplayer shooters these days. Thankfully, the multiplayer doesn’t take away at all from the incredible single player experience. Just don’t buy Doom if you’re looking for a multiplayer shooter (get Overwatch instead – here's our review).

Bethesda has managed to bring Doom back to the forefront of the shooter genre, with an awesome evolution of the franchise. It introduces new mechanics, but manages to stick to the formula that made the original game great. While the multiplayer isn’t quite up to scratch, Doom’s single player offers great gunplay, diverse levels, and a hell of a soundtrack; it’s fun from the first shot you fire to the last smoking shell that hits the ground.

Doom was reviewed on Windows. It is also available on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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