Full HD LED Monitors From BenQ

BenQ rolls out a huge array of LED monitors that are designed for both consumer and commercial markets.

BenQ can now boast that they are the only player in the visual technology market offering a full line up of LED backlit display monitors from 15.6-inch to 24-inch, with 27 different models in three categories – ultra slim, eco and everyday.

LED panels are mercury-free making them more readily recycled at end of life, while their manufacture does not pollute our waterways.

The range of monitors is thinner, lighter and provide an ultra-high contrast ratio up to 10,000,000:1 which equates to picture quality that is crisper and razor sharp, but energy efficient, claiming to use around 30 percent less energy than conventional CCFL displays.

When set to ‘eco mode’ a feature of BenQ Proprietary Senseye three technology found on all BenQ LED-backlit monitors, the monitors consume a further 30 percent less power again, making the full power saving in excess of 60 percent and on some models, up to 71 percent is evident, which theoretically means that a household or business could more than halve the amount of energy they currently consume powering their computers.

According to the Australian Greenhouse Office, Australians are the highest per-capita greenhouse gas polluters in the world, and it is energy used in Australian households that is responsible for the biggest amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

BenQ’s full range of LED backlit monitors come equipped with the company’s Senseye 3 Technology delivering true colours ensuring optimal viewing pleasure.  The user can select from six pre-set viewing modes – Standard, Movie, Game, Photo, sRGB and Eco to suit their individual needs.

Reinforcing the company’s pledge to be environmentally responsible, and adding to their claim of eco-friendliness, BenQ’s V-Eco series monitors have a shell which is made from 28 percent recycled plastic which features no coating or printing.  The natural off-white unbleached plastic finish means that in addition to zero mercury, no paint or coating chemical has been used in the manufacturing process.

LED display panels are 21.2 percent slimmer and 14.6 percent lighter in weight, making shipping more efficient whilst 80 percent of the product’s cardboard packaging is recycled and recyclable.  Soy ink marks the cardboard packaging and identifies its contents, whilst the user manual is available online further reducing the product’s impact on the environment.

$149 to $549