Clear Sound For Speakerphone

Motorola claims its latest in-car speakerphone offers up crisp, clean sounds.

With dual speakers, digital signal processing (DSP) noise reduction, and full duplex and echo cancellation technology, the Motorola T325 allows you to keep your conversations clear, regardless of background noise, so you won’t miss a word, claims the manufacturer.

The T325 automatically prioritises the 25 most frequently used phone numbers into a Contacts List, so you can speed dial your VIPs with the push of a button. And, when your VIPs change, your contact list is automatically updated.

Designed to maximise in-car talk time, theT325 automatically powers on as soon as you open the car door and then turns it off when you exit.

The unit clips onto the sun visor of a car, keeping the view clear and unobstructed for driving and letting users clip, sync and go in a matter of moments. And because it’s portable, it’s a good companion for business trips or for the transition from work to family car.

The T325 is equipped with Motorola’s EasyPair technology that allows users to connect to other compatible Bluetooth enabled devices with ease, and lets you can experience seamless, on-the-go conversations more quickly and easily than ever before. And with up to 17 hours of talk time and 2.5 weeks of stand-by time you’ll never need to cut the conversation short.