Free Games With PSPgo Rewards

In an effort to gee up the sales of the soon-to-be released PSPgo, Sony is offering free game downloads

Sony’s slimline PSPgo comes packed with 16GB of built-in storage space – meaning that you can take all your favourite games, photos etc, but are reminded that you cannot play UMD discs on the new unit.

And to help users get a PSPgo collection started, Sony is giving away three full games for free.

With PSPgo Rewards you can download three much-loved, or totally new PSP titles for free, and put your new PSPgo to the test. Pick your favourites from a number of popular PSP titles including Killzone: Liberation or SOCOM:U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3, WipEout Pure, Everybody’s Golf, echochrome, Buzz!: Brain Bender, Master Quiz, LocoRoco, as well as Patapon. There are 17 titles to choose from.

So, how are the games downloaded? Take the following steps:

  • Unwrap your shiny new PSPgo and start it up

  • Connect to PlayStation®Network and activate your new or existing PlayStation Network account for PSPgo Rewards

  • Start up your current PSP and connect to PlayStation Network

  • Login using the same PlayStation Network account , and launch PlayStation Store

  • Pop one of your UMDs into the drive of your current PSP and register on PSPgo Rewards when prompted
  • Download a PSPgo theme
  • Wait for your email voucher for your three free games
  • Choose, download and you’re away

Other features include Skype to the soon to launch PlayStation Network Video Store and Digital Comics, plus remote access to music, photos and videos.