Five things you should know if you want to pre-order an Apple Watch

It's been a very long wait for some, but the Apple Watch is finally available to pre-order. If you're interested in picking up the brand new wearable, here's what you need to know:

You can try on the Apple Watch in an Apple Store before buying one 
Apple isn't letting you take an Apple Watch home yet, but it has plenty available for you to try on in its stores. A fitting session will take ten to fifteen minutes and you'll be able to try out the regular Apple Watch, the Sport version, and a number of bands to see how they fit and feel. Walk-in appointments are available, but you might be asked to come back a slightly later time.

I'd definitely recommend a fitting before placing an order, mostly because there's two different sizes. Initially, I thought I'd prefer the 38mm Apple Watch, but after trying on both, I definitely think the larger one is better suited to my wrist.

Some of the bands, such as the "Leather Modern Buckle" are only available in 38mm variants, but initial reviews are suggesting that the 42mm Apple Watch has a slightly longer battery life.

Bands are interchangeable 
If you can't decide on a band for your Apple Watch, you can always buy more than one. Individual bands start at AUD$79 for fluroelastomer (a fancy word for synthetic rubber), and go as high as AUD$679 for a stainless steel link bracelet. Individual bands are compatible with all three models of the Apple Watch, providing the band is the same size. There's no difference in price whether you're buying a strap for the 38mm model Watch or 42mm model.

While Apple isn't selling strap-less Watches, it's possible that it might when it comes to a second generation product. This would allow users to buy a cheaper wearable, but bring across their premium strap from their first Apple Watch without having to buy a new one.

All three models of the Apple Watch have identical functionality 
Whether you're buying the AUD$499 Apple Watch Sport or the AUD$24,000 Apple Watch Edition, the device's functionality and internals are exactly the same. Spending more money will (arguably) get you a more prestigious product, but it won't buy you any extra performance or additional capabilities. This is definitely something to keep in mind, considering Apple will almost certainly release a new Apple Watch within two years.

You need an iPhone 5 or newer 
If your iPhone is more than three years old, you’re out of luck: you won't be able to connect it to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch requires you to own an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. But to be fair, if you're still using an iPhone 4s or older, it's almost certainly time for an upgrade anyway.

Not all models will ship immediately 
Not all Apple Watch models will be available on day one. The Apple Watch Sport and the regular Apple Watch with Sport Band, Milanese Loop or Black Classic Buckle are all expected to in customer's hands from April 24, but you may have to wait longwe for other models. The Apple Watch with a Modern Buckle, Leather Loop or Link Bracelet have an estimated dispatch time of "four to six weeks", while the blinged-out Apple Watch Edition won't ship until sometime in May. If you're after the "Space Black" stainless steel model, you'll have to wait until June. 

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