Fishbowl to be launched into space next year

The next tourist attraction in space is here – a fishbowl.

A company in New Mexico have finalised a concept design for a tourist craft in space – and it looks like a fishbowl.

Amardillo Aerospace, hope to have the craft in orbit next year. The craft is designed to be reusable.

Two passengers can go up at a time, who will have to fork out US $100,000 each for a full 360 degree view of space.

The project is being bankrolled by Rocket Racing Inc., who are, not surprisingly, developing a rocket racing league inspired by NASCAR – inside our atmosphere, unfortunately. Rocket Racing Inc. are owned by Amardillo Aerospace, who recently won the Lunar Lander Challenge hosted by NASA, and US $350,000 to go with it.

Sources: MSNBC, New Scientist, Gizmodo