Final Fantasy Carries On And On

Square Enix offers a double shot of Final Fantasy

By Eliot Fish in LA

Square Enix has chosen the stage of E3 to take the wraps off their newest addition to the Final Fantasy family, Final Fantasy XIV. Due for release in 2010, this latest “online” version of the RPG will launch alongside the epic single-player adventure of Final Fantasy XIII, indulging fans with a double shot of the beloved RPG series. Whilst XIII is available on PS3 and Xbox 360, XIV will be exclusive to the PS3 and PC.

Final Fantasy XIV is set to fill the MMORPG shoes of Final Fantasy XI Online, plunging players into an all-new online universe called Eorzea.

Art direction on the new game is being guided by the skilled hand of Akihiko Yoshida, the man responsible for the gorgeous creations of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII. Most of the FFXI team will also return to continue their technical work, along with the beautiful melodies of highly respected composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for the Nintendo Wii will take players on an all-new action romp that should reinvigorate the traditionally less-complex Crystal Chronicles series. Finally, Nintendo fans will be able to sink their teeth into something a little meatier, with a more mature look and storyline.

John Yamamoto, CEO of Square Enix is confident that Final Fantasy will continue to break sales records, saying “The Final Fantasy series evolves with each new release, impressing gamers with a new generation of mind-blowing graphics and inventive gameplay. We are confident (Final Fantasy) will be the must-have titles for 2010”.