Film Underwater Thanks To Canon Housing

Canon releases a waterproof housing for two of its full HD camcorders that can record to 40m underwater

A new waterproof housing developed by Canon can be used specifically for two of its camcorders, allowing people to film to a depth of 40 metres.

The WP-V1 waterproof camcorder housing enables Canon’s full HD HF20 and HF200 camcorders to record videos with a natural colour palate and to capture subjects as close as 30cm to the lens window when shooting in full wide angle.

The housing features a large zoom lever for precise operation and over-sized, colour-coded buttons to prevent operating errors.

Claimed by Canon to be compact and light, the casing is constructed using polycarbonate, white plate glass and stainless steel. Double-paned glass lens window with multicoating on both sides prevents reflected light.