Exclusive – Australian Review: LG G Watch

While we've been sceptical of smartwatches in the past on CyberShack, we found the LG G Watch really can make your life easier. Given the immense number of press releases we receive in a day, it's great to not have to pull out the phone, unlock it, go into the right inbox and read it. It's actually kind of amazing being able to do so from your wrist.

How much value you'd get out a G Watch probably relates to how much you use your phone. For us, it's easy to imagine the G Watch as part of our everyday life. As aforementioned, it's invaluable to be able to read and delete emails without checking your phone, especially on those super busy days. But if you don't keep your phone isn't on your person at all times, a smartwatch might not be the right device for you.

We initially had concerns that the G Watch would just be a novelty, but after a few days of usage this is not the case. Considering how young an operating system Android Wear is, we're pretty impressed. The G Watch has definitely sold us on the idea of smartwatches. It's not perfect, there are a few rough edges that polishing, but when the G Watch works, it works really well.


  • Can genuinely be a useful device
  • Tight Android integration is fantastic
  • Lots of potential for exciting new apps


  • Very reliant on voice integration
  • Touch screen was unresponsive on occasion
  • Only day long battery life

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