Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra – an excellent vacuum/mop and steam cleaner (cleaning review)

The Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra is a cordless combo vacuum, power mop and steam floor cleaner. It is meant for sealed hardwood, marble, tile, and stone floors.

And it is fantastic! Over a few weeks of daily use, my opinion went from pretty good to legendary. The more I used it on different floors (thanks consumer panel), the better it was and the cleaner the floor surfaces became and stayed that way. In fact, three of our consumer panel are off to Harvey Norman to buy!

Why Steam?

Steam cleaning kills germs, viruses, and mould – all without chemicals.

Steam penetrates the surface pores, removing dirt, debris, bacteria, and more.  Steam will kill the strongest pathogens on contacts, like E. Coli, Salmonella, and COVID-19.

Consumer Advice – Check that your floors can take steam cleaning

Most modern floors are laminate – a thin layer of timber, faux timber, or printed plastic over a composite wood substrate. The Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra emits steam at 110°C.

While that is the Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra’s main selling feature, it can damage such floors. You would be better served with the Eufy Clean Mach V1 standard version without steam and at a $300 saving.

You cannot use the steam from this device on long pile carpets – vacuum only. Nor can you use it on waxed timber floors as it melts the wax and is not a pretty sight. Wax (beeswax) differs from faux wax polish floor liquids, so test first.

Steam can damage some laminates and vinyl floors. Only use this device on floor surfaces you are 100% sure can be steamed.

Australian Review: Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra Model T2770T11

WebsiteProduct range and product page and Support and Manual
Price$1499.95 (non-stream version $1195.95)
FromHarvey Norman
Warranty2-year ACL
Country of OriginChina
CompanyAnker (Shenzhen Oceanwing Smart Innovations Technology Co., Ltd) is a Chinese electronics company that produces computer and mobile peripherals, including phone chargers, power banks, earbuds, headphones, speakers, data hubs, charging cables, torches, screen protectors, security cameras, and more under multiple brands.
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First Impressions – Big box, well made – Pass+

The device comes in a large, tall box and does not require assembly. Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra – vacuum, power mop, and steam all at once is our first review with a steam function. As such, we did some research (to save you from having to do it) on steam cleaning.

We visited Harvey Norman for some secret shopping. At first, the salesperson said it was good on all floors. We quizzed that, saying that we had timber laminate and were concerned that steam may penetrate and lift the laminate. Was Harvey Norman prepared to guarantee it would work and pay for any damage to my floors? After a quick backpedal, they said they would not warrant any steam device on any floor surface. Note to Eufy – more salesperson training is required.

Bunnings advised that most laminate flooring is sensitive to heat and moisture, so a steam mop can cause harm, and your floor planks could warp, loosen, or peel.

OK, you have been warned, and there go my hopes of a super steam-cleaned laminate floor.

App Privacy – limited risk

Download Eufy Home App for Android or iOS (not strictly required, but it has a firmware update function and a few simple ways to set it up).

Unlike security cameras, stick vacs/mops generally present minor privacy concerns. At worst, this collects your account information, location, use, and diagnostics. However, does not have a published privacy policy – just extensive Terms and Conditions, yet it asks you to accept its privacy policy. has a Privacy policy. It can share your data with Anker Affiliates, third-party service providers and obtain data from your use of Facebook or Google logins (never use these). It can use that data to market to you or provide services. We are not sure where Eufy Australian data is stored.

Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra Model T2770T11 specs

  • LCD Display 320ppi. On, mode, and self-clean/Jetblade buttons.
  • Suction: 16800 Pa (a typical hand vac has up to 20,000 and stick vac 30,000). It can pick up small crumbs, coffee grinds, dust, etc.
  • Noise 65-71dB.
  • Run time: Claim 82 minutes in smart mode, 15 minutes steam.
  • Function Vacuum (Suction), Wet Mop (roller), Disinfect (Ozone), Steam, and Dry (Jetblade).
  • Clean tank 820ml.
  • Waste tank 720ml.
  • Floor cleaning liquid tank stores up to 30 days of cleaning solution.
  • Size: 1178 x 278 x 254 mm x 5.7kg plus water and floor cleaning liquid.
  • Self-cleaning/sterilising/drying of the mop for 48 minutes.
  • Battery: 21.6V/7.2A/159.84W non-removable.
  • Charger: 240V/1A/250W.
  • Charge time: 3 hours.

A bit of tech – the design is elegant simplicity – Exceed

It is cordless – a feat as it produced copious steam for 15 minutes of more. A vacuum motor sucks air around a powered roller. In combination, this is quite effective at sucking up liquids and smaller detritus. It goes through a pipe and fountains into the upper basket that traps larger detritus, and the water goes into the dirty water container.

Steam comes from a heat coil fed by the clean water tank. As you depress the trigger, steam is released ahead of the roller.

Jetblade uses the steam coil heat and the vacuum exhaust to air dry the floors.

There is very little to go wrong here, with the motor and roller being the only moving parts.


  • Cleaning solution 300ML (EU30 – about A$55)
  • Filter (EU20 – A$35) every six months (not HEPA)
  • Roller (EU40 -A$70) every six months
  • Citric acid for descaling (depends on water hardness [pH] but generally every six months)

These prices seem on the high side and are based on EU-to-AU conversion. The items are not yet on the AU website.

Device menu – Pass

I discovered quite a few menu items on the LCD screen. An average user will never use these, but the factory reset could be handy if you gift or sell it second-hand.

  • Language.
  • Volume.
  • Ozone on/off.
  • Wi-Fi (reset).
  • Basic information.
  • Restore factory settings.
  • Consumable lifespan.

Setup – Pass+

If you need to read the 22-page manual, it is too hard, so we skimmed the six-page guide that gave us all we needed.

  • Charge the product on its charge base (240V power required). That can take up to three hours from empty.
  • Fill the clean water tank (820ml)
  • Add Eufy Cleaning solution (and only that) to the Floor Cleaner Tank. It comes in a 300ml bottle and uses about 20% of that per fill. Note that this is only used if you open a switch on the side of the handle. We don’t know how long a fill lasts, but a month’s use seems right. It has a slight tea fragrance.
  • Check that the dirty water tank is empty and the filter is installed.

The unit has several status lights. Steam (Red at the front of the device):

  • Scrolling left to right – building pressure (takes a few minutes).
  • Pulsing – ready to steam.
  • Steady – streaming and will deliver steam constantly for the remainder of the battery life.

The Ozone status light is under the clean water tank, and steady white means it releases harmless Ozone that can disinfect.

Use – Pass+

The handle stands upright, and you must tilt it back 30-45° to start. There are three modes:

  • Smart:  daily vacuum and mopping, no steam (medium battery life)
  • Suction: vacuum only (longest battery life). It will also vacuum liquids.
  • Steam: Press and hold the trigger to release steam (shortest battery life)

The LCD shows the remaining battery percentage, Ozone on/off, Jetblade on/off and more.

Tests – Mach V1 Ultra

We decided that the primary reason to purchase is for the steam function – that gets the most weighting.

Suction (no mop or steam) – passable

The claim is 16,800 Pa, but while this figure looks good, it means little. A handheld dust buster style has 16,000+ Pa. It is also measured at the motor, not the spinning mop head.

It would not suck up larger items.

  • Sisal Carpet (short pile): We only recovered 52% of the test sample – mainly fines.
  • Medium pile carpet: Within seconds, the unit had an error requiring unblocking the cleaning head. A small quantity of Detritus had clogged the vacuum intake behind the roller.
  • Long pile or feature carpet: Cannot be used.
  • Laminated/tiled floor: About 85% of the test sample was recovered.

Smart: Vacuum and mop – Pass for hard floors of any kind

It still won’t pick up larger detritus but suction, in combination with a spinning roller with ‘squeegee’ blades to remove detritus and dirty water, is moderately effective. It picks up pet hair, dust, and up to coffee grain-size detritus.

This is safe (no steam) on almost any floor, including laminate timber, as it uses little water and no steam. The floor is almost dry enough to walk on. You can use Jetblade for a faster dry (it is not steam).

You would use smart mode daily to weekly for a maintenance style of cleaning.

Steam: Exceed

Steam is the reason to buy, and we were impressed at the cleaning power. It dissolves dried milk, coffee, and other dried liquids. But it will not remove underlying stains if the liquid has seeped into the grain. It is especially good for sanitising animal faeces.

Set it to Steam Mode and press the trigger to release steam. We found that two to three passes – sometimes more – were needed to remove dried-on surface stains.

We tested it over a week at the local takeaway, and it was particularly good at removing spilt cooking oil, leaving the surface squeaky clean. Compared to a mop ad bucket, the floors were in far better shape after the week and took about half the time to clean. Yes, they want to buy one!

Manoeuvrability – Pass

It is fairly heavy at 5.7kg plus about another kilogram for clean water and cleaning liquid. You must slightly lower the handle to activate the cleaning, and the roller starts spinning, propelling it forward. It is not so much a tug, but it could get away from you. As a safeguard, the roller stops spinning if you drop or raise the handle.

You need to move it back and forth and generally repeat the pattern before moving the head to the next strip to be cleaned. Those with arthritis or Carpal tunnel should avoid this, but it is far easier, faster, and less exhausting than using a wet mop and bucket.

Edge cleaning and under furniture: Passable

The unit is about 300mm wide, and the roller is about 240mm – leaving a 60mm gap (54mm on one side and 6mm on the other) and 30mm between the roller and the front bumper. It cannot effectively edge clean.

The handle must be from 30-45° angle so it cannot go under lower furniture.

Jetblade: Interesting – Pass+

The Jetblade floor quick-drying function blow-dries the floor as it mops. It is, in fact, the vacuum exhaust rerouted around the steam coils and uses no more energy. You enable it via three presses of the self-cleaning button or through the App. It remains enabled until you press the power button or stand the device handle upright.

Tesla Valve Mixing – interesting – Pass+

It will automatically mix water with cleaning solution using a perfect dilution ratio to effectively clean your floors and avoid bubbles. It stores enough for approximately one month’s use (unqualified).

Cleaning after each use (roller self-cleaning separate) – Easy enough – Pass+

Once finished, you need to clean the device thoroughly. First, remove the dirty water tank and separate the upper dry compartment from it (and remove the dry filter). You will be gobsmacked at how dirty the water is and the soggy mess of pet hair and other detritus in the upper ‘dry’ compartment.

You can rinse this under water, paper towel it dry, and you are ready to continue. The filter can also be rinsed, but unless you have a dry spare (it comes with two), you must wait 24 hours for it to dry.

But there is more. The Rolling brush cover plate provides access to the roller, and behind that is a squeegee and the vacuum throat. These need to be wiped over, and the throat cleaned top and bottom.

Roller Self-cleaning – Time-consuming – Pass

The roller keeps moderately clean during use due to the squeegee removing dirty water to the tank. After you have finished, you can do a roller self-clean.

Fill the clean water tank and empty the dirty water tank (as per maintenance). Place the device on the charging base and press the self-cleaning button. This invokes a 48-minute cleaning ritual, including roller drying to avoid odour.

A few minutes in, you must empty the dirty water tank again, and you will again be gobsmacked at how dirty it is. Once replaced, the drying process starts. You can also activate this process from the App.

After completing, remove the base cover and wipe it clean. This prevents any odours from forming.

Maintenance – Pass+

At first, we just ran the clean roller program; overall, that is all you need to do. But we discovered that much grime remained in the roller cover squeegee, vacuum throat and under the dry filter. Fortunately, cleaning these with water and a damp cloth is very easy.

The only replaceable items are the roller brush and dry filter. There are no Australian prices yet.

The battery is built-in, and as it generally goes from 100-0%, it uses a complete recharge cycle. We could not get detailed battery charge cycle specs.  Eufy should at least publish these and battery replacement availability.

Commercial use?

It is warranted for consumer use only. It should be fine doing timber or suitable floors, but the 15-minute steam cleaning battery life limits it for extended use. The roller brush at $70 may require more frequent replacement.

Remember that its effectiveness is the combination of steam, vacuum and roller, and few do all three,

CyberShack’s view – I love the Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra

My only real issue is the potential for laminate floor damage. Eufy must proactively tell consumers what to look for and how to test.

It is very well made, and the steam function is highly effective. Battery life with steam means about a 50m2 clean before a three-hour charge.

As a vacuum/mop, it is fine for household use on all hard surfaces. The suction is a little on the low side but acceptable.

Where it shines is the effectiveness of steam and the clean feel of floors after its use.

Would I buy the Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra?

If I had a large area of ceramic or stone tiles and some genuine hardwood (not laminate) floors, then absolutely yes.

I presently use an $829 Kärcher FC 7 cordless power mop for a super effortless clean, and the Eufy in its smart mode (no steam) adds vacuuming to the same pass.

The V1 no-steam version for $1199 is closer to the $899 HIZERO F803 cordless bionic floor cleaner (power mop review), and the Eufy has the edge.

Rating Explanation

  • Features: 95 – it does it all and dries the floors too
  • Value: 85 – Comparable to other steam devices with four-in-one functions
  • Performance: 95 for steam, 80 for vacuum/mop combo and 50% for vacuum
  • Ease of Use: 75 – It is quite intuitive to use, but the device cleaning process is fiddly. It is also heavy in hand.
  • Design: 85 – looks good and should last, although you will see many scratches on the bumpers. A replaceable battery would have scored a lot more points.

Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra vacuum/mop and steam cleaner

$1499.95 (V1 Ultrra steam) or $1199.95 (V1 no steam)







Ease of use





  • Four-in-one – vacuum, mop, steam and dry
  • It cleans its roller, although that takes 48 minutes
  • Steam in about 60 seconds and can sustain continuous use
  • Steam produces excellent results on compatible surfaces
  • Great support and FAQ pages on


  • Not for timber/plastic/PVC laminated floors or mid-to-long pile carpets
  • Limited tilt to get under furniture
  • Built-in Battery means at least 3 hours to recharge to continue use
  • Messy post-cleaning of the device
  • Heavy in hand and to lift