Earthworm Jim To Reappear As DLC

Run and gun earthworm superhero is coming back as downloadable content for all major consoles

Developer Gameloft, has signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Interplay to develop, distribute and publish Earthworm Jim, a video game featuring an earthworm who dresses up in a Super Suit to fight evil.

The game will make its way to mobile, WiiWare, the PlayStation Network, with an exclusive one month run on Xbox Live(R) Arcade.

Initially released in 1994, Earthworm Jim’s games garnered a cult following that took the character into an animated TV series, toys and comic books. Earthworm Jim centers around an ordinary earthworm who engages in normal worm activities- eating dirt, crawling and fleeing from hungry birds- that is until he comes across a high tech indestructible space suit. Jim takes refuge in the space suit while fleeing from hungry birds. The suit’s powerful atomic particles cause him to grow and obtain newfound powers.

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