DS to Check Diabetic Kids

We’ve recently put up articles about a couple of gaming apps in the medical market, now there’s another for diabetic kids.

Talk about technology crossover. We already had a couple of stories about gaming technology and the medical profession here and here. Now German pharmaceutical company Bayer has invented a widget for diabetic kids.

Called the Didget, it is a blood glucose monitoring system that can be attached to a Nintendo DS. Kids earn points when they test their blood-glucose levels, which can then be redeemed for mini games, or for playing on Bayer’s new web community.

“The application rewards consistent testing habits with points that can be used with the exclusive Knock Em Downs: World’s Fair video game,” says the company website. “Children earn points for regular daily testing, with additional rewards for being within their target range and sticking with their testing regimen over time. They can use these points to purchase items in the games, unlock mini-games and customise their experience on Bayer’s New Web Community.”

Sounds like a good way to get the kids involved, but with Bayer being a multinational company, you kind of get a little noise in the bad of your head saying something’s not right. Using a cool gaming console to sell a gadget to help control a life threatening disease does seem a little…um…insidious? Maybe we’re being too cynical.

An Australian release date has yet to be set.