DS Announcements All Week

Exciting times if you’re a Nintendo DS gamer with the announcement of some very cool titles this week

The Nintendo DS seemed to be one of the favoured consoles to make announcements for all of this week with more games coming to the surface in the news than we’ve seen for any other system in recent days.

First up is news that BioWare (known from the Knights Of The Old Republic fame) are at work creating a Sonic The Hedgehod RPG for the DS. Hopefully it’ll be a new take on the blue bullet, especially in wake of the clones we’ve seen of Sega’s mascot in past titles.

Next we’ve got news that the classic title “Dragon’s Lair” will be making an appearance on Nintendo’s popular portable. “Dragon’s Lair” was actually one of the first games to need a CD as it sported full-video animations. The DS version of this old-school game will support book-style gameplay, regular top-down single screen gameplay, touch screen support, voice recognition, and Rumble Pak support. If you didn’t like Dragon’s Lair way back when it came out, you probably still won’t like it on the DS as the game doesn’t appear to be changing, but if you’ve never played it or heard of it, it could well be a title to look out for.

Then we’ve got news that Konami’s Contra series will be making a run for the Nintendo DS with some images appearing on 1UP’s site. Contra’s action games were always a lot of fun and apparently this game will stick to the roots of Contra gameplay so this is one we’ll be watching pretty closely.

Finally, the guy responsible for years of money loss from Mortal Kombat hungry teens who pumped what little money they had into Midway’s arcades — Ed Boon — sat down and talked to IGN this week about the re-released of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3… for the Nintendo DS. Not only will this version be the original game packed into the DS cartridge, but it will support local multiplayer and even wireless internet gameplay.

For years it’s been dreamed that people could perform a Fatality, a Babality, or even a Friendship against people they’ve never met and soon it’ll come true.