Dodo Does Dumb Dumb Thing

Mobile service provider Dodo gets into trouble with the ACCC

Customers of mobile service provider Dodo who signed up to its ‘FREE $29.90 Mobility Cap Plan’, ‘FREE Fuel’ and ‘Cash Offer’ 24 month mobile cap plan will be the beneficiaries of an intervention by Aussie consumer watchdog the ACCC.

Between October 2008 and March 2009 advertised its Free Offer Plans and theACCC was concerned consumers were likely to have been misled or deceived into thinking they would receive either of an Asus Eee PC, a fuel card or a cash payment when they signed up to any one of the Free Offer Plans.

An investigation by the ACCC revealed Dodo offered other cheaper mobile cap plans (that did not include the free goods or cash) that were comparable with the Free Offer Plans. In some cases the monthly fee for those comparable mobile cap plans was up to $30 per month lower.

After being informed of the ACCC’s concerns, Dodo ceased to publish the advertisements and has said it will refund customers affected.