Disney’s Bolt

It’s the age old tale of dog risking its life to save something from destruction… except with imaginary powers.

Believe it or not – I am actually looking forward to seeing Disney’s Bolt. I mean seriously, who could resist such a brave little pooch. As mans – or should I say Penny’s – best friend, Bolt risks his life by using his imaginary special powers to fight evil and save his friend’s Dad from destruction. That’s right – this crazy canine is a star of a sci-fi/action show and thinks he has real powers. Now now, don’t knock it until you’ve seen it! And don’t knock the game until you’ve tried it!

Disney’s Bolt video game gives us the opportunity to re-enact Penny and Bolt’s mad mission and travel to far away destinations and beyond in order to save the world from the clutches of Calico. This game will not get boring for the youngsters with constantly changing environments and challenges. This game is full of adventure and mystery. Try hacking Calico’s computer in China, avoid Bully’s whip, divert disaster in Italy and escape the wrath of Proddy’s spears…

Although this game has its challenges, it is generally user friendly with control and challenge instructions along the way. Great for kids old enough to read and that are already handy on the controls. Just make sure you follow directions completely or you might end up stuck in a rut. There is little room for imagination as you must follow the mission orders strictly, but with the ever changing scenery and challenges presented it will definitely keep your attention.

Bolt can be appreciated by the most basic of young gamers due to stunning graphics and such close similarity to the movie. But the more adventurous and experienced gamers can learn Bolt’s super powers off by heart and get Penny’s wheel bar tactics down pat to make the most of the exciting experiences within.

Disney’s Bolt video game is the perfect present for the tween group and younger that are right into the Disney scene. It’s cute, it’s fun and it will keep them entertained for hours.
Bolt the game was released 4th December, closely followed by the release of Bolt the movie on January 1st 2009.

Definitely one to check out this summer!

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Rated: PG
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Distributer: Funtastic
Platform: Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PS3, Nintendo DS

Reviewed by Sarah Binet