Digitalise Old Photos With BenQ Scanner

  • Takes 10 seconds
  • No computer necessary
  • Comes with USB cable to transfer images

BenQ’s new digital photo scanner, the CP70, enables the old prints taken prior to the acquisition of the compact digital camera to be converted into digital format, for long term and storage.

It takes 10 seconds to scan an old photographic print, business card or any document (up to A6 in size) directly onto SD/SDHC card. Once scanned, the file can then be stored electronically via connecting the scanner to a PC and copying it to the designated digital storage device. Images are duplicated and re-printed, which is handy to conserve old prints, preventing further deterioration.

The CP70 is compact, lightweight and so very simple to operate. Plug it in and feed in the print or document. No PC is required for the digitalisation of the image, however the CP70 comes with a USB cable which can be used to connect the device to a PC to enable the photographic material to be viewed and transferred to your desired storage choice.