Digital Radio Starts Ad Campaign

With literally only weeks to go before going live, Commercial Radio Australia has started its digital radio advertising campaign

While it does have it critics, digital radio is set to start sending out signals in the next few weeks, so an ad campaign is about to start to try and convert listeners to the new medium.
At a cost of $10 million, the ads will start on the 13th of April in the main centres via the commercial and public radio broadcasters.

“This campaign is our first direct communication with listeners. The message is simple – that digital radio is a new exciting way for our loyal radio audience to listen to their favourite stations in digital sound and to discover some great new digital programming,” said Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner.

The initial phase of the campaign involves a series of tease ads with the message ‘radio is going digital’ and an extensive online banner ad campaign across all radio websites and many partner retailer websites.

Phase two moves into ads that specifically outline the benefits and capabilities of digital radio and include widespread retail in store promotion and point of sale material. This will be followed by the promotion of a five state capital simultaneous national digital radio listener event in August.

All the digital radio ads feature a sonic mnemonic in the form of a subtle ‘plus’ vocal and direct listeners to the digital radio website Retail stores may use this sonic tag to top and tail television and radio advertisements, SBS plan to incorporate it into live reads of the ads, all assisting to build consumer awareness and helping the “plus” sonic to become synonymous with digital radio.

The website is the digital radio information gateway where listeners, retailers, digital radio manufacturers and all key stakeholders can easily access information about digital radio.
The digital radio plus website allows listeners to put in their postcode to find out where digital radio broadcasts will be available and which retailers will be stocking the new digital radios. It showcases the digital radios that are on the market and lists all the radio stations going digital.

In addition the website provides retailers with access to digital radio tutorials and downloadable DVDs to ensure staff are fully briefed on the arrival of digital radio.