Digital Comic Backs Up Game’s Release

  • Prototype 2 gets comic companion
  • Three original stories
  • Offers back story to game

Radical Entertainment, the creators behind Prototype 2, and Dark Horse Comics have joined forces to create an all-new comic series set in the Prototype universe. 

The all-new digital comic series will be broken into three original stories that bridge the gap between the original game and the sequel.  The first entry, “The Anchor,” illustrated by Paco Díaz, continues the story of Alex Mercer, the protagonist from the first game, while the second story, "The Survivors," illustrated by Chris Staggs, follows a small group of residents of New York trying to escape the city after it has been transformed into NYZ with the outbreak of the Blacklight virus.  The third and final story, illustrated by Victor Drujiniu, is "The Labyrinth" and provides fans a deeper look into the back story of Prototype 2’s new protagonist, Sgt. James Heller. 

Prototype2 takes the carnage of the original game and continues the experience of becoming the ultimate shape-shifting weapon.  As the game’s all-new infected protagonist, Sgt. James Heller, players will cut a bloody swathe through the wastelands of post-viral New York Zero, building up a vast genetic arsenal of deadly, biological weapons and abilities as they hunt, kill and consume their way toward the ultimate goal – to kill Alex Mercer.

Prototype 2 is currently in development for the Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and Windows PC. 

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