Designer Look For Asus PC

Karim Rashid gives the latest Eee PC from Asus its latest look

With the Eee PC Seashell Karim Rashid Collection, ASUS says it has made the notebook more contemporary and are designed to appeal to those who want something different and something fashionable.

This new collection is designed to appeal to the five human senses, with an emphasis on vision and touch. To achieve this, ASUS’ industrial designers created new materials, production processes, and textural innovations for this product line. The combination of rubber paint, in mold roller processes, and metallic materials create two very unique finishes that appeal to your sense of touch and vision.

Rashid’s design is evident in every facet of the Eee PC with a unique 2D wave pattern conveys a sense of forward movement. The subtle wave pattern with its colour consistency is the result of manufacturing precision, yet it retains the design and feel of a handcrafted product.

rs. The Eee PC Seashell Karim Rashid Collection is available in an eye catching Hot Pink or classic Coffee Brown.

Features includes a 10.1-inch frameless LED backlit display and an ergonomic chiclet keyboard. This beauty is matched by its computing prowess. It features the new power-saving Intel Atom N450 CPU, which works in tandem with the manufacturer’s Super Hybrid Engine energy management technology to deliver up to six hours of battery life, which is about average for most portable PCs these days.