Dead or Alive Dimensions Gets 3D Treatment

  • Designed for 3DS console
  • Arrives May 26, 2011
  • Exclusive to Nintendo DS

For the first time on a Nintendo console, Dead or Alive Dimensions will be launching on the Nintendo console.

Battle through rich and varied environments whilst smashing through walls or stomping through floors, wirelessly set-up matches and compete as one of 25 playable characters.

Dead or Alive Dimensions is claimed tooffer fast-paced combat, devastating counter attack combinations and interactive environments which can be used to inflict heavy damage on opponents. There is also aspecial arena inspired by Metroid: Other M where Ridley will wreak havoc on both contestants, Dead or Alive Dimensions is a full-throttle smack down experience.

In another addition to the gameplay, the Nintendo 3DS touchscreen will show players the combination moves each fighter can carry out during the game. Learn the controls to perform these moves or use the touchscreen to perform them on an opponent for maximum damage.