CyberShack TV Season 27: Ep6 – Swann 4K SecureAlert WiFi NVR

If you are looking for an easy-to-connect home security system that will deter intruders, look the part and keep your home safe and secure, Swann has a new system for you. The SecureAlert 4K Wi-Fi NVR Security system. 

Bundling 4K Enforcer Cameras with the Wi-Fi NVR with huge local storage options, you’ll have multiple angles covered and can rest easy as the system has your home covered. 

Plug the NVR into power and connect it to your internet router via the included network cable or Wi-Fi. The cameras also plug into power but then transmit their video wirelessly back to the NVR using your local Wi-Fi. The cameras have SwannNet™, allowing you to select whether each camera connects to the NVR or your home Wi-Fi, meaning you can choose whichever network has a stronger Wi-Fi signal. This gives you more flexibility in positioning the cameras, while providing the strongest Wi-Fi signal. 

You won’t miss any details with the quality of the 4K Enforcer Cameras, as they give you the power to zoom in on those identifiable features that could make all the difference. 

Day or night, this system still stands strong. At night it will give you colour video up to 10 meters and up to 35 meters of black and white vision, disrupting anyone’s attempt at a silent approach. 

The cameras are also packed with Swann’s True Detect technology. The camera’s sensors will give you more reliable alerts as it detects warm objects like people and cars, so it knows when to trigger the alarm and send you push notifications.