CyberShack TV Season 27: Ep5 – Norton 360 for Gamers

Online gaming is more popular than ever, and that means more targets for hackers, including game account information that can often have payment details attached.

Norton 360 for Gamers includes a suite of features such as antivirus, a virtual private network, dark web monitoring*, and more – helping protect your PC from viruses, malware, DDOS attacks and doxing. However, PC security suites are often snubbed by gamers for slowing down your system. Norton’s solution is Game Optimizer.

Game Optimizer is patented software that helps enhance performance by automatically dedicating processor cores to your game, while limiting non-essential apps to a single core. This helps smooth out random spikes in CPU usage that can be caused by background software like antiviruses and updaters that interrupt gameplay.

The Game Optimizer software can automatically detect when a game is running by watching for apps with high processor usage, then activating to help provide as much performance as possible to your game. Users have the ability to decide which games will use this functionality.

Most gamers will have multiple online accounts with different stores, servers, and publishers. Norton 360 for Gamers’ dark web monitoring searches the dark web for personal information… including gamer tags… email addresses and more… helping to alert you to leaks so that you can help secure your personal information and online accounts.