CyberShack TV Season 27: Ep5 – Jura Z10

Coffee machines are a great addition to any kitchen, making a delicious beverage that can help wake you up in the morning or sharpen you up throughout the day. The Jura Z10 provides a top-notch coffee experience at the touch of a button.

With a range of 32 specialty coffee types ranging from Australia’s favourite flat white to cold drinks to cool down with in summer, the Z10 can handle it all with one touch.

Even cold-brew coffees are within reach thanks to the innovative Cold Extraction Process, taking just 3 minutes to complete, while the traditional method takes up to two days.

Looking to mix things up? Treat yourself to a flavoured cold brew iced latte with a range of options with your choice of syrup.

Jura’s specialty focus on automatic coffee machines, paired with Swiss engineering and design, make for an excellent coffee experience. With a super automatic machine like this, you get fresh coffee from beans to cup, and a consistent experience that eliminates the variability a manual or semi-automatic machine can have, whilst still allowing plenty of personalisation.

The touchscreen interface makes it easy to choose your favourite drink with options to customise your coffee, while the Product Recognising Grinder can change its grind settings depending on the drink you have chosen – for example, finer for hot and coarser for cold brews.

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