CyberShack TV Season 27: Ep1 – LG at CES 2021

LG Electronics has a wide range of new product announcements for both the living room and the kitchen, delivering quality products that help with everyday life.

In televisions, LG has brought a new panel type to its popular OLED panels that improves the panels’ luminosity for higher peak brightness. For its LCD-type TVs, a newly developed panel structure places an array of miniature LEDs behind the display for OLED-like control over individual dimming zones, improving contrast and colour reproduction.

In appliances, LG showed its new InstaView Refrigerator line that allows you to view the contents of the fridge without opening it up. Just two quick knocks on the door illuminates the fridge, allowing you to see through the transparent glass front. A range of other appliances like microwaves, dishwashers, water purifiers and laundry devices that are designed with sleek styling that blends into their surroundings, no matter your décor preferences.

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