CyberShack TV Season 27: Ep1 – G-mee BTS

The start of the school year also asks the question, how can the family stay connected as things get back to normal. Many families are keen to offer more independence before and after school, but only if everyone can remain connected. That’s where G-mee Connect is helping Australian families.

It’s a smart phone, but comes pre-loaded with easy to use parental controls that let you, the parent, decide what apps will open and what apps will not. You can even lock the device Settings and the Google play store to stop new apps being loaded.

At 5 inches it’s small enough to fit in your jeans pocket, or a pocket on a school bag. It will run thousands of different apps created for android.

Also included, is a free call manager app, so the G-mee Connect can be set to only receive or make calls to your family and other numbers. You can also set the times calls can be made or received, blocking calls outside those times, like during school hours for example.  you are comfortable with.

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