CyberShack TV Season 26: Ep7 – TCL Movetime and Tkee Mini Tablet Bundle

TCL’s smartwatch and tablet bundle, provides a great pair of devices for the kids to learn and play, along with peace of mind whether at home or on the move.

The TCL MOVETIME smartwatch provides seamless video calling thanks to its built-in camera and 4G connectivity, making it easy to check in on your kids wherever they are.

Voice and video calls are available on the watch, as well as simple messaging with emojis. The MOVETIME watch also provides geolocation services, and can be customised to send an alert if the watch moves out of a preset area, letting you keep track of where your child has visited recently.

Alcatel’s TKEE mini tablet offers a 7-inch display providing ample room for books and games in a kid-friendly size.

Choose from a wide selection of age-appropriate games and interactive books from Kidomi, already pre-loaded onto the tablet and subscription-free.

Comprehensive parental controls ensures you can allow only certain apps on the device as well as limiting screen time.

This bundle is a great way to help your kids’ learning habits in modern times, while also giving you some peace of mind. A great bundle priced at $279, it’s hard to find a better product.